Institut Proft Vital Spüre die Lebenskraft in Dir Ganzheitliches Begleiten
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Institut Proft Vital              Spüre die Lebenskraft in Dir             Ganzheitliches Begleiten            


Etwas ganz Wesentliches um den eigenen Weg zu gehen ist:


Blicke nach innen, lebe von Innen heraus und lass dich vom Aussen nicht ablenken.


Sabine Proft 


Around twenty years ago, the pathway of spirituality started for Sabine Proft with studies of Ayurveda in Germany that later continued in India. 

Since then, she has been organizing workshops, seminars and training courses specifically for individuals who have an interest in spirituality, self-development and self-care. 

Not only is Sabine an author currently writing her first book about her experiences, 

She is also a certified  life in balance coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher and trainer in shamanic healing work. 

Over the years, she has absorbed all of these elements in a holistic state of awareness of body, mind and spirit.

Sabine knows from her own experience, that the awareness of the mind through meditation and yoga, can lead to a deeper understanding of your life purpose. 

Sabine has the ability to recognize the potential of the individuals that she works with. Through her own experiences, 

she is able to passionately guide you through any patterns that may keep you from fulfilling your true potential. 

Sabine’s ultimate motive is to share her experiences and wisdom to those who feel that their purpose is to work authentically with their own spirituality.



Sabine Proft


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